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Stylish, smart, and eco-friendly studios and buildings for gardens, farms, and other sectors

Escape to nature.

Podhaus meticulously design and sustainably create modular structures for the use of getaway units, studio spaces, residential structures, commercial, educational buildings and storage units.

We specialize in off-the-shelf, and mixed designs for our clients, working closely to make sure that our buildings instinctively meet your needs.

Our Pods

Add value and appeal to your natural location with unique pods, intimately bonding to nature and sustainably designed

Creating pods that are appropriate for your company, farm, garden or ecologically sensitive location with over 35 years’ experience the construction industry, give us the upper edge from other modular construction companies.

Light steel framing provides a structure for larger pods that are still able to be moved to whatever site. Shipping containers are perfect for modular structures, as they provide a strong structure to work off, while recycling what would have otherwise gone to waste.

Our Value

Designed and created with robust South African engineering, be confident in the home you stay in.

These core drivers make sure we have consistent quality delivered.

Smart Systems

Driven by innovation, we follow intelligent building practices keeping us ahead of the pack. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve each step of the podhaus design and construction process.


Nothing is more important to us than our impact on the environment and local communities. Every measure is taken to lower waste in construction and use more eco-friendly materials while creating jobs and donating to educate people on these matters

Quality Control

Our passion is our craft, which we take seriously to produce quality outputs every time. Prefabricated pods allow for more quality control measures to be taken at every step, confidently offering our 2-year warranty and have a service plan available.

We are passionate and focused individuals who want to expand the modular construction industry and create a revolution in South Africa, committed to quality and environmentally friendly practices.