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At Podhaus we’re more than just a modular construction company, as corny as that sounds. We believe in flexible, modular products to give the power and creativity back in your hands. We work with you closely, feeding off your passion to make whatever vision you have come true in the framework of our designs.

Podhaus is still growing so we are slowly adding more, better options for our prefabricated designs.

Please contact us to learn more about available options.

Leopard Pod

W 5.4m x L 12.2m x H 3m


Podhaus pride ourselves on our first pod, which has been converted from a shipping container into a modern, smart and high end pod designed to be used as a getaway pod, providing 72 of indoor and outdoor living space to enjoy comfortably.

Storage Pods

The Storage Pod

W 2.6m x L 3m x H 2.6m

Screenshot 2022-08-12 084506

Small, temporary, economic, convenient, it’ll last and will fit your modern aesthetic at home. Use it as storage, an office, a workers quarters, sweat cave, yoga studio, it’s here for you.

Refrigerated Container

W 2.4m x L 12.2m x H 2.9m


Podhaus supply refurbished refrigerated shipping container for multiple uses.

Inspiring Pods

Podhaus is inspired by designs around the world, bringing international quality pods to South Africa. Check out the images below to see what sort of pods we’d love to create for you.