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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of most common questions asked by you below. If there is anything else you wish to know don’t hesitate to contact us.

Buying a pod is as simple as purchasing any product unless you want a custom or bespoke unit. See our process page on how it works to purchase a pod.

There are so many reasons why to buy a prefabricated, modular pod, here’s a few.

- Pods are generally cheaper per square meter. But it all depends on finishing.

- Prefabrication means more stringent quality control, quicker turnaround times (sometimes 4x faster), far less waste, and most importantly less hassle for you.

- Our pods last and we guarantee it. See our page on warranty, quality and maintenance to learn more.

- Modular pods mean we work with you to customize pods however you like.

- Non-permanent foundations or structure - when you don’t want it, it takes a couple days to remove, leaving no or little footprint on site.

View this page of our sister company to get a more comprehensive benefit list of light steel framed buildings.

We want to put the power in your hands by offering various options of our pods, in different states of completion. A completed unit can be from R100k to R1.5 million ex VAT depending on the model and finishing options which you have a wide range of! See our pods or talk to us to know individual prices.

We can complete a pod in a matter of weeks to months. For example, Storage pods are quick whereas our high end residential pods take longer

Container homes and pods do not need any planning permission because they are not considered to be a permanent structure in South Africa. Rules may differ in parts of the country and around Africa so please contact your local planning authority (LPA) to obtain a definite answer. We are happy to help you find the rules and regulations for your location, permissions, and approvals.

We at Podhaus offer a turnkey finance plan on our standard pods. Our pods are created under the SANS 10400 general code with reference to SANS 517 codes on light steel frame. Therefor, most South African FSPs offer a bond on some of our buildings.

Yes, they last as long as any other quality structure built if given the care and maintenance they require. See our page on warranty, quality and maintenance to learn more.

All our pods are fully insulated in accordance to SANS regulations. Double glazing is available for windows if your area is particularly hot or cold.

Anywhere! Our pods are designed to be easily moved to any location. Limitation are usually access to the site as a truck/crane need to drop it down.

We have a show room / demo pod waiting to be viewed in Cape Town. Book a viewing now.

If you don’t already own a piece of land here are a couple tips to find your dream “parking spot.”

- Advertise/post on social media groups about your home, yourself and what you’re looking for

- Search for land share platforms and locations, which specialize in connecting landowners with tiny homeowners

- Personal connections – ask around your friends, friends of friends and anyone you can think

- Mailbox drops – go around to places you’d love to live and drop a letter in their mailbox asking if you could rent some of their land

- Work for rent – farms are plentiful in South Africa and there’s always work. Try find a farm owner who is looking for an extra hand for the price of you putting your lovely pod on their farm

- Communities – over the years there has been a huge shift towards communal living and land sharing. They might be hard to come by and may seem hard living so close to other people, sharing land but the benefits come in many ways

- Think outside the box – it must be said that sometimes all it takes is a bit of creativity and compromise.

*being off-grid makes finding your spot so much easier as grid connections are often hard to install and expensive and in remote locations are non-existent.

Talk to us today to own your own pod and make your dream come true.