Building The Future Together

Our team of professionals at Durobuild ‚Äď Podhaus are committed, and highly skilled in specific fields bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to off-site construction.


Our Designs

Modern design, attractive appearance & high end finishes. 

  • All Light steel home components factory manufactured at Durobuild Group factory.¬†
  • All components in line with latest energy efficiency technologies and standards.¬†
  • Environmental¬†friendly finishes used.¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • Net Zero Environmental Footprint

‚ÄúIts all about Quality property development‚ÄĚ

Studio Podhaus

Glidehouse Podhaus

Intelligent design 

Durobuild- Podhaus leeds in intelligent design, technology, construction methods and materials.  

  1. Layout modules
    We build the layout modules according to exterior dimensions.
  1. Layout types
    We build the layout types according to customer needs.
  1. Interior design
    We set up the interior design, which is based on a modular approach using the chosen elements.
  1. Exterior design
    And finally we wrap the Podhaus home with the appropriate exterior design.